The HOME Monthly - October 2007

South Salem Renovation by Janice Gibson

“The current owners affectionately call their twice-expanded lakeside home “a Jekyll and Hyde house.” From the street, it still strongly resembles the weekend home built in 1937, which was a replica of one the builder’s wife fell in love with on their Cape Cod honeymoon. It retains the cottage feel that is appropriate for the site and surroundings.

From the back, however, aided by the sloping property, it is a contemporary two-and-a-half-story home, open to the sun and outdoor living and spectacular views of the lake and sunsets.

In 1991, when Cindy and Jonathan Rodgers purchased the three-bedroom, 1,260-square-foot house on South Salem’s Lake Truesdale from the estate of the original owners, it had never been updated. Many old papers and pictures were left in the attic, including the blueprints. As a young working couple, however, they did not do too much inside. “The house had good bones,” Jonathan noted. “It was solidly built; it just needed some polishing.” Instead they decided to enjoy the lake views while working on the landscape, which had become quite overgrown...”

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“Ralph just got it. He has this awesome sense of taste, space and really understands what our needs were, and that we also wanted to keep the integrity of the house...I’m really finicky about how things work, and I have a strong sense of design – we both do – and Ralph knew how to work with us and to give us everything we wanted, and more than we expected.”
The Home - Oct 2007 cover

Mackin Architects featured in The Home - Oct 2007

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