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“We ask our clients, ‘What would you like to achieve?’ And then help them achieve it. In renovations, we want to be sensitive to the scale of the community...Given a house that needs to be added onto, we try to maintain the integrity of the original house, to make any additions an integral part – to become a complete thought.

About Mackin Architects

Mackin Architects is known for creating structures rich in historical references while simultaneously providing beautifully planned living spaces for today's lifestyle. Often clients are asked if they had renovated an existing historic structure upon showing their new home to family and friends. Although the structure is historic in reference, whatever the style, the result is truly original. We work in any style the client would like, and adapt it to their property, taking into account views, sun, approach and above all, the clients requirements.

This Architectural firm sees the project as a whole. This means we design the exterior details as well as the interior details. Along with designing and detailing the entire exterior of the building, we also take the time to design all the interior elevations including cabinets and trim details such as, mantles, wainscoting, stairs, kitchens, media rooms and paneled studies. We select, with the owner, all the stone and tile, and draw the exact tile layout prior to construction. We also choose all the hardware, doors, flooring and plumbing fixtures. We will provide a lighting design and assist the owner in most lighting selections. We coordinate well with other professionals such as landscape architects, engineers, media consultants, security consultants, and decorators.

During the bidding and negotiation phase we assist the owner in finding a qualified contractor. While the project is under construction, we remain in frequent contact with the contractor and owner through phone, fax, e-mail, digital photos, and site visits.

References encouraged, available upon request.

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